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The Personal Training session in ohshantiyoga is a one-on-one experience in the comfort of your own home tailor-made to address your specific goals. Ohmshantiyoga professionals are trained to assess your specific needs and set achievable goals who tune in to every nuance in your body and guide you towards your goal. Over a period of time a yoga session emerges that is unique to you and gives you the specific results which you are looking for.

From the technical point of view, all the important statistics (weight, measurements, etc) are monitored, and specific issues like a weak back or cervical spondylosis, or a heart condition are taken into consideration while designing the Yoga session. Also these issues can be specifically addressed and targeted. A great deal of attention is paid to your life style, work schedule and eating habits while arriving at a plan.Now-a days weight management( achieving perfect body shape or flaten tummy) and stress management are much talked words and most of the people becoming health conscious. Of late, there are miscellaneous external fitness programes prevalent in the socities and claim to treat these conditions which is good , however, how many of them are effective substantialy is a "big question"


Ohmshanti Yoga Personal Training has many unique features and also includes other healing techniques such as, Acupressure,reiki, colour theraphy and dietetic suggestions This makes the session personal and satisfying. It enables you to sustain a vigorous Yoga schedule without getting de-motivated. It is this ability to sustain that will help you target tough fitness goals and achieve them, find a rhythm in your Yoga practice that is unique to you while constantly being surprised by the other benefits that are achieved during the session by ohmshantiyoga.


Introduction : Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian physical & spiritual art developed by many great yogis and sages in olden times ,was almost inaccessible to masses for a long time due to various reasons. Current revolution in the field of yoga although has changed the lives of millions and help them to rid of all types of afflictions and incurable disease, However there have been tremendous malpractices in the practice of yoga. Even today, it is being portrayed in completely different and unethical way to the masses. Because of which majority of people are still unaware of right knowledge and practice of yoga. Considering this Rakesh Balooni decided to preserve its existence by encouraging right practices and knowledge to the masses with Sandeep Nandi who has same thought process and immense knowledge in the field of several natural healing techniques So, they both came together and decided to form a platform where right practice and knowledge of yoga is encouraged and popularized without compromising with its originality by making it new age practice easily accessible to every individual from all walks of life with versatility.

Ohm Shanti yoga is a complete health solution which caters the need of every individual from the society. We at Ohm Shanti yoga have designed a system to address every class from the society. we provide a tailor made package as per the individual's specific goals, requirement, need and the nature of ailment keeping their individuality, bodily limitation, age in mind. It is the combination of laughter yoga, various physical postures from hat yoga, shatkriyas, meditational techniques and other natural healing therapy such as acupressure, reflexology color therapy. Our unique healing methods such as various easy scientifically designed physical postures specific to diseases, breathing techniques(pranayama)and meditational techniques under the discussion and consultation with our team of medical experts such as cardiologist, orthopedican, physician and dietician, are very effective for any ailment or condition. Our specially designed package incorporating all natural healing methods is immensely effective for "STRESS Management and WEIGHT Management".

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Weight & Stress Management

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